Farahbean. What does it mean? It embodies a life-long friendship between two women who lived within blocks of each other, but didn't meet until their 20s. Their encounter proved to be serendipitous (from them and for you.)

      With a passion for art and a love of fashion and design, Stephanie Nelson and Kristi Parkinson shared a vision of the kind of jewelry they'd like to wear. Unfortunately they couldn't find it, but quickly discovered how fortunate that really was.

      Kristi and Stephanie shared an entrepreneurial spirit and decided to bring their jewelry vision to life. They merged Farah and bean, their childhood nicknames, began collecting interesting pieces throughout Minnesota and combined them with precious stones and leather. The result is Farahbean- an intriguing collection of jewelry with organic elements unlike any other. Each piece is unique expression of natural beauty living in simple harmony. Farahbean is beautifully bohemian with a look that's unconventional, yet stylish and infused with a creative optimistic spirit. It's jewelry that's sophisticated yet bold, yet demure. Just every women is unique so is Farahbean. 

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