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Pen Sets (Five In Each)

Pen Sets (Five In Each)

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* All have black ink *

"Complimentary Pen Set" Reads:

  • - you're very easy to like
  • - you're having an amazing hair day
  • - you are appreciated big time
  • - your jokes are hilarious
  • - you are crazy mega smart

"Work Sucks" Set Reads:

  • -never too early to start dreading monday
  • - i'm starting to feel sick tomorrow
  • - this meeting could have been an email
  • - same shit, different day
  • - personally victimized by my daily alarm clock

"The Adulthood" Set Reads:

  • - very reluctant adult
  • - growing up was the dumbest thing i've ever done
  • - lover of cancelled plans
  • - i need an adultier adult
  • - so much for knowing everything when i'm older

"Demotivational" Set Reads:

  • -you've already peaked
  • everyone is judging you
  • you're for sure getting fired
  • that idea is garbage 
  • your face is weird